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, discovered in Lubaantum (now Belize) in 1924 in the ruins of a Mayan City by F. The skull is an almost absolute copy of our own human skull except it is circular in the temples and has a handle like form in the cheekbones. This layer formed a casing around a three-quarter inch wide cylinder made of solid white porcelain or ceramic, and in the center of the cylinder is a two millimeter shaft of shiny metal core, about .08 inch (2 millimeters) in diameter.Also, surrounding the ceramic cylinder are rings of copper, mostly corroded.

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Near El Toro and at the other side of the town, in the vicinity of Mount Chivo, more than 33,000 figurines made of porcelain were discovered.

Similar relics found nearby were associated to the Chupicuaro pre-classical Chupicuaro Culture (800 BC to 200 AD).

However the Parthians were skilled warriors rather and their scientific achievements were not known.

It would appear then that they inherited these batteries from one of the earliest known civilizations.

Tungsten has a high atomic weight, and is also very dense, with a melting point of 3410 deg. Molybdenum also has a high density, and a respectable melting point of 2650 deg. All tests carried out to date these objects to around 20,000 years old.

In 1945 Waldemar Julsrud, a German immigrant and an experienced archeologist, discovered some little clay statues, buried at the foot of El Toro Mountain, near Acambaro, Guanajuato, in Mexico.

There are many hypotheses about the formation of this stone, but all seem to be incredible.

The screw-threaded metal bar is tightly enclosed in the black lithical material. Made of very light sycamore the craft weighs 0.5 oz. For aeronautical engineers these objects more looked like airplanes with delta-shaped wings.

According to the experts, the device after being filled with an acid or alkaline liquid could create an electric charge. He found this stone on a field research trip to the Mazong Mountain area located on the border of Gansu and Xijiang provinces.

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