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Final question: who thinks that, even if they wanted to exercise more, they just don’t have enough time?

What if I told you that doing just 3 minutes of exercise every day – 21 minutes a week – could radically change your health and possibly add many years to your life?

You could also practice lifting weights or do a few pushups and sit-ups. If you feel like you could keep going for 10 minutes you’re probably not working out hard enough.

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For example, most of us don’t have an exercise bike sitting in our living room. If you only have 3 minutes to spare, why not try running in place or skipping down the hallway?

Or, if you have grandkids, maybe it would be fun to race them to the end of the garden and back a few times.

"During my experience at MYOLO, I realised how diligently we use our eyes to select our pals.

And our biased natural tendency is to be drawn towards buddies from same age group or same interest area.

While you’re working out, I will be right there next to you, cheering you on! Please leave a comment below and remember to like and share this article if you enjoyed it.

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But here I found friends who are students, married, entrepreneurs and many more.

It was an eye opener about how prejudiced our lives are." "People are battling depression because they are alone despite having thousands of friends online.

This way you will be more likely to be consistent about your 3 minute workout program.

If you prefer to be guided through your 3 minute workout, there is a fun option available on Oprah’s website by personal trainer Joel Harper.

And some of the best experiences with women I've ever had have come through very short first meetings. And I'm going to share my attraction-under-time-pressure secrets here.


  1. Don’t use photos that show a bunch of their friends, alcohol, smoking or pictures of them wearing little to no clothing.

  2. Start Making new friends for free by video chatting with strangers online!

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