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It seems her boyfriend thought it was important that she attend his family's Christmas Eve gathering.

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So at the last minute, I had to scramble to find someone I could convince to go with me.

Since I don't really have a lot of attractive young women as friends, and since the agency didn't have anyone available as a substitute for Rachel (and to tell the truth, I probably wouldn't have taken a sub anyway), I called the only person I knew who could fulfill the "aesthetic" requirements of being my companion.

" She stepped out of the guest bedroom, and my jaw dropped -- she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen! I wasn't expecting the penthouse apartment, the daily car service to take me wherever I wanted to go, the multi-million dollar business that makes its money by making money for other people. Granted, it has taken lots of hard work plus more than a couple of times when I blindly took a risk, only to have that risk pay off in a big way.

The extra minutes getting ready were well worth it! But I would have been happy just being Wesley -- the ordinary guy with a beautiful wife and a houseful of kids, which we would have lovingly raised together.

One good thing about the light traffic -- it wouldn't take as long to get to the club as it normally did, and since someone seemed to be taking her own sweet time getting ready, that was a very good thing.

Finally, at about , she called out, "Be honest, tell me what you think! You work hard, you make plans, you start finding the components to make those plans into reality, only then to find out that sometimes reality has its own plan, and it doesn't ever consult with you. Tonight I went out with the girls and I told them I was going to write this post so they helped me come up with some good ones! So here we go: PIWTPITT 25 Rules for Parents of Daughters (because as I was making this list it seemed to me that I can screw up my daughter easier than my son so I needed more rules): 1.She might end up lonely at times, but at least she won't be a doormat. Teach your daughter that "fish lips" photos are never appropriate and never attractive. Teach your daughter to value herself enough to defend herself - physically and verbally. "Boys come and go, but girlfriends are forever." Still true. Teach your daughter that having her underwear and half her ass hanging out the back of her jeans is not attracting anyone substantial nor does it make her look smart - even in the library. Teach your daughter that smart girls get further in life than slutty girls. Teach your daughter to walk away from the teen magazines. Encourage her to get out and see the world, live on her own and figure out who she is and what she wants in a partner before she settles down. Teach your daughter that there's nothing wrong with staying home on a Friday night and reading a good book, but try to get her to read more than just Chick Lit. This book really empowers women to spot danger signals.But the biggest reason I did not want to go to the party was that my usual companion Rachel would not be attending with me.She had called me this morning and begged to cancel at the last minute.It was her that I was waiting on as the clock moved past .

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