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If you can't confess to your significant other, then who? “Activities that feel dangerous raise levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenaline in your brain, which is the same biochemical activity that occurs when you’re sexually aroused,” says Kerner. Using the sunset as a backdrop to your date is a little too trite to be truly seductive, but catching the moon rise? Having your bodies whipped around curves or dropped from heights could be a surprising prelude to a night of passion. "When a man's testicles are hanging low," explains Dr. The testicles drop because they're trying to get farther from the body to cool down." As an interesting side note, testicles will rise back toward the body after varicoceles are surgically corrected. Fisch, "I mean, you don't see anyone advertising 'Correct your scrotal sac!

A pounding heart mimics the rush of brand-new love, says Patti Wood, an expert on nonverbal communication in Atlanta. Brag publicly about him: his fearless pursuit of the mouse in your kitchen, the armful of hydrangeas he surprised you with, the raise he landed even in this economy. Declare something "this stays in Vegas." A silly nickname, or a crazy bedroom mishap. Not literally, but if your guy always initiates dates, romance, whatever, take the lead for once. Afterward, you'll feel recharged, like the free-spirited single girl he fell for once upon a time. Taking the long view, that decrease can halve a man's libido by the time he reaches retirement.

" or just, "Hey, let's split the bill tonight." 13. But in this world of 24/7 availability, it can be good for your relationship to each have some solo time. It's natural for his drive to drop Levels of testosterone, the hormone that fuels the male libido, drop 1 percent to 2 percent every year once a male hits the age of 30.

Volunteering together (even just helping a friend move) bonds you because you're ID-ing "common values," says Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychologist in Wexford, Pennsylvania. According to the American Sexual Behavior Study of 2006, the frequency of intercourse for married couples between the ages of 18 and 29 is 109 times per year (about twice a week).

Fly in a balloon, or order the sweetbreads for two! Surely once a month you can think of something that'll make him blush in front of your friends. Share something intimate, then pull the couple bubble around you tightly. Christina, 26, of Jersey City, New Jersey, likes to ask her husband out on formal dates: "I've even brought him a red rose." 16. Hike somewhere AT&T can't find you (and thus your mother, your boss and his needy friend Bob can't find you either). Any time spent totally alone together — a long drive, even — will do the trick. How does male drive play into expected sexual frequency?

But it's important that you each know, via experience, that you can completely, utterly lose your grip — weep over a bad haircut, threaten to leave your job after a nutso day, have a wrenching fight with your mom — and not lose each other. “The feeling of adventure it gave to those nights was a turn-on.” 9. Hit an amusement park and get in line for the most stomach-churning rides they’ve got.

For classic options, look for Andrew Wyeth’s nudes, Georgia O’Keefe’s suggestive blossoms, or Rodin’s sculptural celebrations of the human form. Scan the art reviews in your local paper to find gallery shows with a slightly racy vibe. “When we were first dating my husband and I would buy tickets to way off-Broadway plays in remote parts of the city, then afterward we’d stop into whatever bar or restaurant looked interesting,” says Megan Dunham, 31.

“My boyfriend drove me to the beach and set up a lovely picnic with a killer bottle of wine,” says Nevette Previd, 33.

(Hey, you think Barack never said to Michelle way back when, "This may sound nuts, but I think I want to be president someday"? Cancel Valentine's Day and invent your own lovey-dovey holiday. Not to mention that a roller-coaster ride provides the perfect excuse to grasp each other’s hands, arms, thighs… Now that’s a suggestion that’s certain to feel magical.

"Sometimes the best thing a couple can do to ignite their passion for each other is sleep," says Hillsborough, New Jersey, sleep expert Carol Ash. Argue over the stuff that matters, but once a week let him (and yourself) off the hook for things that don't: Yes, he chews his popcorn loud. Testosterone is broken down in fat—especially fat found around the waist, which absorbs the hormone with disturbing efficiency.

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