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Χɴ= Drosophila Sex Determination = In Drosophila, sex is determined by the X:autosome ratio and is independent of the Y chromosome.

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tra can be alternatively spliced to give sex-nonspecific RNA and female specific RNA Non-specific RNA includes a stop codon and produces no active product. Sxl exerts control of somatic sex solely by effects on tra.

Its splicing is regulated by Sxl and unaffected by tra-2. Tra-2 is only functionally active in the presence of tra gene product.

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Sis-a and sis-b function by counting X chromosomes.

da and sis-b encode helix-loop-helix proteins which function as heterodimers. Dosage of sis-b determines the amount of helix-loop-helix heterodimer that can bind to Sxl and activate it.

Active product of tra-2 has homology to RNA-binding domains of splicing factors.

Like tra-2 the active product of Sxl has homology to RNA-binding domains of splicing factors.

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