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After she graduates from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, she'll begin a plastic surgery residency at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Until recently, Burish thought she would pursue an orthopedics specialty.

However, during a plastic surgery rotation, conversations with instructors helped her realize that plastic and reconstructive surgery would be a good fit for her.

We are so proud of her,” says Pat Mc Bride, MD ’80, MPH, former associate dean for students at the School of Medicine and Public Health.

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“A surgeon is someone people look up to, and everyone on the team plays a role,” she explains.

“It’s a combination of realizing that you can be a leader, and that you value those around you.

“I enjoy the breadth, diversity and impact of plastic and reconstructive surgery,” she explains.

“In that rotation, one surgical procedure seemed even more interesting than the last,” she says.

“That was my first exposure to medicine,” she explains.

“When I was in the hospital, I was interested in everything that was going on around me.” Yet, following her recovery, the demands of balancing her studies while attending hockey practices and playing more than 30 games per year made it impossible for Burish to revamp her class schedule to pursue medicine.

She is dedicated to her goals and to UW-Madison, she works very hard, and she is generous with her time.

She recognizes the value of her experiences at UW-Madison and wants to give back, just as her family has.

School leaders have praised the family’s generosity to support an endowment, noting that it has a direct effect on the school’s ability to make available the best possible experience for student-athletes.

“Nikki embodies the spirit of the Burish family and the Badgers.

She has participated in the MEDi C student-run free clinics that serve low-income and homeless people; the Mentorship Achievement Program, in which medical students offer advice on life, sports, class work and friendships to elementary and middle school students; and Doctors Ought to Care (DOC), a program in which medical students provide health education in local schools.


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