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He was Paymaster General and was made a privy councillor in 1990. 'He was educated at a posh public school but he is not afraid of hard work.

He has been in the House of Lords since 1984 but resigned as Transport Minister in the Lords in 1994 after his wife Diana Berriedale's mother shot herself at the family's Oxfordshire home just before their 19th wedding anniversary.

'We've had a lovely quiet meal together.' At Wick Sheriff Court, Berriedale was fined pounds 500 after admitting having sex with a minor.

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Thurso Lifeboat has been called to the aid of a fishing boat with a fouled propeller in the Pentland Firth.

The alarm was raised at 12.05pm when the Sparkline Line got in trouble 27 miles west of Thurso. A Highland teenager who had been reported missing has been traced safe and well.

On offer will be a guided nature walk to the peat bank, a chance to watch or even try cutting the odd peat, bannocks by a peat fire at Mary Ann's cottage, a display in castlehill heritage Centre showing the formation of peat and the archaeological importance of peat as a means of conservation.

Internationally renowned Elaine Lindsay from the Guild of Straw Craftsmen led a well attended workshop demonstrating how to make 'corn dollies' and other traditional handicrafts using straw as the base material.

Berriedale known as Berrie works as a kitchen porter in a hotel close to his modest single-storey stone cottage at Barrock, near Thurso.

Just six days after he was placed on the Sex Offenders' Register, he took the girl for dinner in an upmarket hotel.A grand day out - and a fine collection of cut peat which will be left to dry for the next couple of weeks before being gathered and stacked at the next workshop - spaces are available for anyone wanting to learn more about this ancient craft.CHS is also putting on a Peat Experience Day on Sunday May 30th.Over the course of the weekend and working under the expert tuition of Master Craftsman Dave Goulder from Rosehall, a magnificent section of traditional Caithness drystone dyke, complete with a seating area, has been constructed adjacent to the north east entrance to the Trail.Answering an appeal from the trustees to replenish the peat stack at Mary Ann's Cottage at Dunnet, eight volunteers keen to learn the art of cutting peat joined three committee members of Castletown Heritage Society on Dunnet Head.Any other similar stories would be welcomed by CHS who will pass them on to Elaine.


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