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J-Roc, Dre Moon, Brian Soko and Rasool Ricardo Diaz contributed to the production of the song.

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When Beyoncé released her album, the track was scrapped from the track listing of Honest and Future was not mentioned in its credits.

including the line, "grainin' on that wood", where she is supposedly referencing a surfboard.

"Drunk in Love" was written by Beyoncé, Detail and Jay-Z, who appears as the featured artist on the track.

Production of the song was handled by Boots and Beyoncé as well as Detail.

It was so great, because it wasn't about any ego, we weren't trying to make a hit record [...] we were just having fun..I think you can hear that in the record." In 2014, rapper Future claimed that he had previously recorded a demo version of the song.

He worked together with Detail who persuaded him to record vocals for the track as it would convince Beyoncé more easily to record it.

They're sexy like an overeager, pre-shower quickie, or a hushed morning make-out session before the baby wakes up.

These are the most unapologetically raunchy songs she's ever sung, and in many ways also the most romantic.

He concluded that "Jay's rap is goofy but not embarrassing." Pitchfork Media's Carrie Battan felt that the lines in which Beyoncé ad-libbed "surfboard" were "some of the most infectious snippets of pop music in 2013", elaborating "the single word serving as both shorthand for woman-on-top and a neat summation of an entire era of trends in rap cadence".

The D'Angelo-indebted grind session 'Rocket' and frisky 'Drunk In Love' are similarly sexy, but they're not sexy like a glamour shot or a steamy video.

Numerous remixes and cover versions of the song were made, most notably the official rework by rapper Kanye West.


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