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General rule of thumb is that if she asks to pay for her taxi as a condition to come and meet you or asks you to but some credit for her mobile phone before you even meet then she is P4P. Here's my plan so far: Basic profile (not going to spend anything) on Thankfully asking for money is strictly against the rule of the site and there is a reporting mechanism which you can use to report her. Going to get my wing to take some good pics of me suited up and in more casual clothes, specifically for the profile.Car recommends a first meeting to be arranged in a public place(eg Mall Center) and you are encouraged to always carry your mobile phone with you! Car members to share information to a friend in advance for a planned trip, e.g.

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In any case, members of the AHA Car may require identity cards to other members participating in the carpool.

Passenger(s) agree to share the cost of the trip, according to the amount negotiated with the driver.

Be careful when providing personal data or other related information to other members directly or through the website, as you can’t be sure of the identity of the other members on the website. Car is unable to check the personal data of registered members on the website and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they publish.

Ones you set carpool agreement with members of the website, Aha!

Driver agrees that he and his vehicle will always be in accordance with the rules regulations of the road.

All users agree not to carry or transport substances, hazardous materials or prohibited articles that may be harmful, offensive or unacceptable during the trip.

I wanted to dedicate a thread to online dating sites and social networks that help us meet foreign women, since it's a common request from guys about to hit the road.

If you know of a site, please list the country or area of the world where it would be useful on. If you want to get at the normal non pros who are not Maria passaporte (gringo chasers), go to or or even orkut.

Drivers and passengers must arrive at the designated point on time.


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