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Pro Publica sent FOIA requests to 24 federal agencies seeking the names of beachhead team members. 31, 2017, 20 agencies have provided employee names while two other agencies had no temporary employees to report.

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His clients included several foreign governments, including the Embassy of Kazakhstan the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.

Michael Dougherty was the CEO of the Identification Technology Association, a trade group that sells biometric and cybersecurity tools for border security.

Commonwealth of Virginia 08/08/2017 Trial court erred in denying appellants motion to dismiss on speedy trial grounds on felony charge where nothing in record shows appellant agreed or concurred in delay of trial or instigated a proceeding which of necessity brought about delay of trial; misdemeanor conviction affirmed where failure to comply with Rule 5A:20(e) is significant 0507162 George Ellis Brown, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 08/01/2017 Appellants conviction of involuntary manslaughter affirmed where trial court applied a proper standard for criminal negligence to the facts of this case and the evidence was sufficient to prove appellants actions were criminally negligent 1998152 Latron Dupree Brown v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 08/01/2017 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress where the protective sweep of appellants apartment did not taint issuance of search warrant; issue regarding appointment of fifth attorney not addressed where appellants conditional guilty plea did not reserve right to challenge that ruling on appeal 0153172 Riverside Regional Jail Authority & VML Insurance Programs v.

Morrissa Dugger 07/25/2017 No error in Commissions award of medical benefits where appellee suffered a compensable injury by accident arising out of and in the course of her employment 2012163 Janine Helen Adelman Browning v.

Larry Grant Browning 07/25/2017 Judgment of trial court affirmed where a trial transcript that was not timely filed is indispensable to resolution of the assignments of error raised on appeal 1553163 Bryan Dunnington Cocke v.

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Bill Center served a term as an El Dorado County supervisor, but friends and colleagues say it was his decades as an activist advocating for regional planning and environmental causes that helped shape the county and the future of the Sierra Nevada. Barry Goggin, the longtime former president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Sacramento died Saturday, May 6, 2017, at his home in Wilton.

A release of new government data in August mostly included political appointees made after Jan. Several of the officials on this list have since moved to other agencies or left the federal government.

Additional employee information, including start and end dates, were obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests to other federal agencies.

Commonwealth of Virginia 10/17/2017 No error in finding that object in question was a firearm as defined by law 0052173 Emily Lynn Aponte v.


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