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Several hundred Paleoindian points are currently known from the state, although the number is tiny compared with the tens of thousands of later points that have been found.

Once local resources were exhausted or depressed, they relocated to a new area, possibly quite some distance away.

Several such moves may have occurred over the course of a year.

The first fluted points were identified in Georgia in the mid-1930s, soon after the great age and distinctive appearance of these points became common knowledge among American archaeologists.found at Macon Plateau in 1935 was one of the first Paleoindian points unearthed in eastern North America in stratigraphic context.

The artifacts were heavily weathered, a condition considered to be a good indicator of an early site in Georgia.

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Formal, curated tools were less common, as was the use of high-quality stone, unless it happened to outcrop locally.

No large Paleoindian sites have yet been excavated in Georgia, and much of our knowledge about these peoples is based on discoveries elsewhere in the region and beyond.

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