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Perhaps the most interesting part of the book was his final eight predictions for 2030 in regard to sex, relationships, and marriage.He admits that these are “educated guesses” and that the evidence for some is better than for others.

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Regnerus predicts we are moving towards a nation that increasingly replaces marriage relationships with partnering singles (and he believes this will make our nation remarkably lonely and vulnerable).

Prediction #4: Same-Sex Marriage Will Decline Among Gay Men.

How is it affecting our views of sex, gender, power, aggression, and bodies?

America’s college campuses have become crucial testing grounds—and, at times, battlegrounds—as the country grapples with rapidly changing modes and mores of sexual behavior and expression.

As mainstream attitudes about sex and relationships are seemingly more casual than ever, precise communication between individuals is increasingly paramount. What has fueled this latest revolution in sexual mores?

How have technologies, like online dating sites and apps like Tinder, changed attitudes and behaviors?Fraternities are being scrutinized for promoting a culture of alcohol-fueled male privilege and presumption.Lecture halls and quads ring out with passionate debates about how to set the ground rules for sexual consent.Academic officials are being called to act as judges and arbiters over some of the most intimate aspects of students’ lives.Millennials attending college are trying to navigate a highly sexualized environment that’s both increasingly liberated and increasingly rules-based, where legal protections are widening but certain forms of privilege and abuse remain entrenched.In fact, he predicts that prosecutors will not wish to press charges unless the victim is clearly pre-pubescent.


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