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They form a power couple and there have not been any disclosures or news related to marital problems, separation or divorce.

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Since he became the anchor of ABC’s last September, the broadcast has edged out its competitors in ratings, placing Muir in the same pantheon as his newsroom heroes Diane Sawyer and Peter Jennings. Earlier this year his alma mater Ithaca College (he was class of ‘95) gave him an honorary doctorate.

Now that he’s been at the helm for one year, Muir talks about life as a new breed of evening anchor, his embarrassing dearth of real vices, and tweeting during commercial breaks. BUT DON’T call him “doctor”—at least not in public.

American journalist and anchor of ABC show ‘World News Tonight with David Muir’ David Muir, 44 has come a long way from his childhood cardboard box broadcasting days to hosting famous TV news programs now.

Though people admire his career and achievements, details about his personal life elude us. Let us try to look at the clues which might point towards his sexual orientation.

Some reports have also surfaced that state that Kate Dries has a less famous boyfriend with whom she is seen in her Instagram pictures.

David has one older biological brother and two younger step-siblings. In February, he posted a photo of himself with three of them and captioned it as: With all this background, we are actually back to square one.There are, however, a handful of Emmys arranged in a neat line, the wings all facing the same way.(He’s not a neat freak, he claims, just a fan of “clean lines.”)HIS VICE of choice: venti red eyes, i.e., 20-ounce Starbucks coffees with a shot of espresso.The media has been speculating about his sexuality. It was rumored that David Muir is dating his colleague and journalist Gio Benitez. There was no explanation forthcoming from either David or Gio on it.However, this relationship ended and Gio moved on and got engaged to his boyfriend Tommy Di Dario on 17There have been some websites which claim that David Muir is already married to his boyfriend called Sean, though it is unclear as to who is Sean and what is he doing for a living.It tried to narrate about her position in David’s life.


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