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They recognise that the majority of the UK public is lucky to have water on tap and enough disposable income to enjoy the odd coffee.

“Ethics and environmental sustainability, as well as sustainable relationships are extremely important,“ says Gerard Fisher, the owner of Nude Espresso and Coffee Roasters in London.

The team were really friendly and helpful looking after our phones as they charged in the main tent over night as well as being sensitive to the massive hangovers we had each morning!

There is a fantastic flavour wheel which is very helpful in learning the profiles of each coffee.” Jeffrey Young from UK Coffee Week advises coffee novices to ensure the grind fits the method of brewing.

“[Choose]fine [grind] for espresso, more coarse for filter, and more coarse again for French press.

They also locked up our passports for security and peace of mind on arrive and returned them on departure.

The bonus with using Pillow as well is that our airbeds were inflated and our tents were pitched ready for us!

You also have to purchase shower tokens which means the showers are timed so the line moves quickly.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you are at a campsite which means it can sound like the people next door are in your tent so bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper and plan on sleeping at Oktoberfest! I visited Oktoberfest for the first time in September 2014, and camped at Thalkirchen with Pillow Adventure Travel for five nights, from the 20th September.

And those wondering why such a bitter drink is so coveted are probably just the victims of a bad barista, who should be well-trained and knowledgeable about the bean they are serving.

“Someone new to coffee should look out for what tastes good - it sounds really simple but there should be no bitter or unwanted flavours in good coffee,” stresses Matt Caroll the owner of Fortitude Coffee in Edinburgh.

Hotel prices in Munich and Flights to Munich sky-rocket during Oktoberfest, and it can be very difficult to know where to start.


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