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The ´87 category in Newell's was unstoppable on the pitch, or so they say in the Malvinas park, but also a close-knit group of friends. 10 shirt and was the leader, and he found great things among that gang of kids. It was not the first time a woman had made Leo go crazy.

I love sitting at the bar downstairs, which I find oddly intimate, even when the place is filled to the rafters (which, again, is usually the case), and even at the shared table in the bar area. I usually hate scenes, so it is a testament to how great the food is here that I come back again and again.

The space is cavernous, having formerly housed the (to me) pretentious Medjool, so it can get very noisy.

Over the course of two days he could not take his eyes off her for a second.

That did not lead anywhere because of the age difference, but more than a few Newell's people wonder what the girl would think now if she knew that, for a fleeting moment, she had the kid who would end up becoming the best player in the world and one of the most famous individuals on the planet in the palm of her hand.

It hasn’t been around for decades (they only opened in 2012), it isn’t old school, nor is it a mom-and-pop/family owned business.

It is always packed, so it doesn’t need any more business. (It’s not crazy expensive, either, though.) Why review it?

The street has not changed much, but the other side of the park now has two synthetic pitches, known to everyone as No. On the side of pitches 3 and 4, however, someone realized something strange was occurring.

The Malvinas park, where the Newell's youth teams still train in seven-a-side games - not 11 - was the place where countless stars left their mark.

Tastier than most I’ve had in this City, and perfect as a starter.


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