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Sadly for her, she doesn't get to keep him: Willoughby chooses to marry for money rather than love.Marianne is absolutely right to make it clear to Willoughby in the beginning that she has a strong preference for him.

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), ill-advisedly holds forth on an early love affair of Jane’s.

It ended without engagement, Mrs Bennet admits, but she proudly informs her listeners that the gentleman in question did write some very pretty verses.

They have characteristics that we identify with; we would love to be like them - playful, funny and charming.

But in this chapter we look at how well Elizabeth manages her sense of humour, using it to get to know people and endear herself to them, and how Emma sometimes goes over the top with hers and has to train herself to rein back its worst aspects.

Be witty if you can, but not cynical, indiscreet, or cruel This chapter is for anyone who suspects that they might be using humour as a defence or as a way of hiding from their true feelings.

The Jane Austen heroines we warm to most of all - Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennet - are sympathetic because they are open and lively and love to joke.

But she's wrong to keep showing him how much she likes him when it is clear he's pulling away.

She could have spared herself a lot of extra pain if she'd looked more clearly at the truth of the situation. Don't make snap judgements Elizabeth in Pride & Prejudice makes a snap judgement of Darcy, thinking that he's proud, prejudiced and haughty, and she's not wrong; but she doesn't see all the good qualities concealed by his unpleasant façade.

Austen's novels manage to feel relevant nearly 200 years later.

So much so that you can apply her prose to your dating life.

In it, author Sinéad Murphy takes the writings of Austen and applies them to modern-day courtship.


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