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The calculation takes into account the circumstances of the claimant, their partner (if they have one), their dependant children (if they have any) and any 'non-dependants' that live with them.UC is replacing Income Support, income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.We return all valuable documents such as building society books the same day we receive them, by recorded delivery.

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The benefits team can deal with all aspects of your claim from assisting you with filling in the claim forms to the payment of your benefit to you or your landlord.

An award of HB helps the claimant pay the rent for the property occupied by their family.

It is important to seek advice if you are already getting a legacy benefit and there will be a change in your circumstances, as for some people UC will be less money than legacy benefits.

This information will be useful if you are not able to claim legacy benefits and have to claim UC, or if you are just wanting to find out more about UC for the future.

In these areas, you can no longer make a new claim for legacy benefits, and will have to claim UC instead.

The exception to this is if you are in a full (digital) service area, but have three or more children, you will generally not be able to make a new claim for UC and will still be able to make a claim for legacy benefits.Use our benefits calculator to find out if you are entitled to claim: Benefits calculator For further information take a look at the Claiming housing benefit and/or council tax support page.Housing benefit can help you meet the cost of your rent.An appointment will be offered to you in order to do this as part of the online claiming process.Alternatively, you can bring your documents in to our housing and benefit advisors, who deal with personal callers to the benefits office. The advisors can deal with any query relating to your claim, entitlement and payments.Housing benefit claims cannot be backdated for a period in excess of three months if you are of pension age, and one month if you are of working age, and you must be able to show continuous good cause of failure to make your claim at the appropriate time.


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