Barry zito is dating

When he became a free agent after the 2006 season, the San Francisco Giants -- elated to potentially grab a space case for a city that loves them, with the added bonus of stealing him from the other side of the Bay -- gave him a stunning seven-year, 6 million contract.

I was on vacation out of the country when the deal was announced, and found out about it a couple of days after it was when I popped in an Internet café. That's how long Zito's contract has been going: I found out about it from an Internet café.

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They thought he would lead them, sure, but at the very least, they thought signing him wouldn't them from winning a World Series. Because of this, and because Zito has generally kept a low-key, positive presence in San Francisco, he's actually sort of in San Francisco.

It is difficult to imagine that would have been the case if he'd signed with the Mets.

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It is worth remembering why the Giants went so hard after Zito.

It wasn't just that they thought he was a great pitcher; it was that they felt an overwhelming need for The Superstar. Even the guys at Fire Joe Morgan weren't that critical of the Giants' decision, even as Keith Law, Nate Silver and Dave Cameron were screaming, "No!

The wheels fell off immediately after that, though, with a 10-17 record and 5.15 ERA in 2008.

According to ERA , Zito had only one above average season his entire Giants career, in 2009.

Again before my Timmy watching time , but I'm sure you all saw those two pitch against each other. has a post in the history by DG But DG would never say Timmys career is over.


  1. She starts strumming piano at the age of 10, upon which she was enrolled at The Hills Grammar School which channeled Delta to be a sportswoman.

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