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It's almost like she resents the fact that I married her big sister.She is constantly bragging about the cases that she is working on, as if she is some great authority on law.

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Finally, the following week I was able to schedule a much needed 3-day weekend away from work.

The plan was for me to be home by 6pm on Thursday and then take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to take the girls out on the boat.

I asked Beth to make, or at least pick up, a couple of side dishes, too.

And, most importantly, to pick up a case of beer for the weekend.

We've never taken her submissive side too far, just the occasional light spanking or swat on the butt and a bit of playful wrestling and groping - all in the privacy of our home.

Beth's sisters are Colleen, who is 30, and her youngest sister Janey, who is 22. I am relatively friendly with her, but we have never fully gotten along.She is the shortest of the three sisters, standing about 5'4".She has a slightly more stocky build, but is still very feminine.Colleen is not quite tomboyish, but is a bit more athletic than her sisters.She is a brunette like my wife, but has more of a short "bob" cut.So, getting back to the story of my sisters-in-law's visit...

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