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This is not merely "Jazz with Strings" or "Classical Compositions for Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble." This is an integration of a string quartet and classical approach to their jazz sound and sensibility that is so encompassing, it creates something generically unique from those components.

This is testament to the flexibility and vision of not only the Le Boeufs and their group, but of the JACK as well, as their role in the proceedings is often nothing like that of a conventional string quartet.

Beouf dating

There are undoubtedly those who will initially be put off this -those who would perhaps wish there to be music, sans narration.

But discovering the delicate acrobatic synergy between the two might eventually quell those wishes.

There are times when jazz flavors hold sway over classical ones, and vice versa, but they are more often Yin and Yang to a wholly different stylistic abstraction.

So different in fact, that it may require several passes to acclimate to the environs created here -but that doesn't keep the Le Boeuf Brothers from upping the ante.

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