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The US-led coalition against Isis has carried out an air strike to stop jihadists evacuated from fighting in Lebanon from reaching militant strongholds in east Syria, Central Command has said.In their first ever publicly acknowledged evacuation deal, rather than fight to the death in the pockets of territory held on the Lebanese-Syrian border, fighters agreed to a Hezbollah-brokered evacuation plan which saw 400 men and their families bussed over the border back into Syria on Monday.The Lebanon hostage crisis that lasted for 10 years during the height of the civil wars didn't help matters either, while images of a bombed-out Beirut blasted across television networks deterred most tourists to the region during the 1980s and 1990s.

Geographically speaking, it's situated in a hotbed of conflict, sandwiched between Israel and Syria.

However, these days, Lebanon is once again an oasis in the middle of the Middle East and has amazing travel adventures to offer. Beirut will undoubtedly surprise you as soon as you spot it from the plane window.

He said: 'I honestly do not have an explanation why they did that...

They brought a victim of their actions [to the hospital], then began hitting those trying to tend to the victim.'When asked if there was security at the hospital, Chahine said it has never been necessary due to the calmness of the area.' 'Our doors are open to those in need,' he said.

The decision was met with outrage in Iraq and by the US-led international coalition against Isis, which, along with the Syrian army, is fighting for control of the militants’ last areas of control in northeast Syria and on the Iraqi border.

“The Coalition was not a party to any agreement between the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Syrian regime and Isis.

'We are located in the mountains, in a village, unlike in Beirut.' He added that the assailants' identities were known and that it was now the Internal Security Forces' responsibility to apprehend them.

The President of the Private Hospitals Syndicate, Sleiman Haroun, condemned the acts of violence, saying: 'Enough is enough.' Haroun said they would wait a few days but 'if nothing is done [by security forces or the government] they would take a strong position'. I am not going to call anyone out for being responsible, because they know who they are.'Mr Chahine said the justice and health ministers both contacted him to denounce Friday's attack.

Hezbollah, an important Syrian government ally, has maintained a strong presence in the parts of Syria near the border with Lebanon for several years, helping President Bashar al-Assad to recapture several rebel-held towns and villages there.

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