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Imagine what it would have been like to be seated under the stars with the Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford as they shared scientific formulas, engineering ideas, and wild and "crazy" new business strategies. What if I told you that you don't have to merely imagine what it'd be like? In brief, your experiences in the Mastermind will be...You can’t be a champion without knowing a champion.After thee years, we returned our show to its homegrown format. And we’re the students who are always asking, searching and growing at every step, right along with you. Offering a new approach to self-improvement—not as the old, tired, life coach-type stuff, but as a real and practical system to take control of your life.

AJ and Jordan seem to be some of the only ‘real’ guys out there trying to help others with social interactions.

They aren’t pitching products or only giving you a sample of themselves in order to get you to pay for more.

Observing David in his own element and getting access to his personal network… This was the single most impactful decision I've made in my life so far.

And that's one reason why this Mastermind has to be very selective.

Creating a future that makes you excited to roll out of bed and take on the day—one in which you are engaged, capable and excited to chase your dreams.

Igniting a shift in your identity and beliefs to rewrite your experiences and reframe your view of the world—in a real and lasting way.They are genuine and funny and very, very insightful. On a cool, crisp autumn day, a small group of intelligent men set out on trip.This group, who called themselves, "The Vagabonds," was founded by Henry Ford, and they met each year between 19... I am a member of just such a group, and this "strange invitation" is I and our membership inviting YOU to apply. At each of our Summits, you’ll get focused strategy time to actually take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your life, and reflect deeply about your past and your future, and ponder and plan the direction of your life, distraction FREE.usually on extravagant camping trips accompanied by a fifty-vehicle caravan. Think about how much you can accomplish in an IMMERSIVE environment with the most supportive, stimulating, and insightful group of people, free from daily demands and interruptions. Throughout the year, you will receive special invitations from me personally to join me at events I know you will enjoy—and that I’m eager to share with you—at which you will learn new, life-changing lessons, so you'll enjoy the enriching experiences you deserve.Teaching you specific and practical skills that will allow you to chase your goals and get the results you want, starting now.

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