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Overall Verdict: Not always a happy watch, but it’s not surprising Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

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On 22 February there is a screening of Girls Lost and there will be a panel/debate on “Zooming in on the issues of transgender youth in education” following the screening. Deborah Shaw from the University of Portsmouth, Julie Nelson who teaches transgender teens, and Katie Yeomans a transgender equity awareness campaigner. Following the highs and lows that accompanied his newfound freedom Saar discovered an alternative family with The London Gay Men’s Chorus.

After 19 years, Saar has reached out to his conservative and Israeli family in an attempt at reconciliation.

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The film follows him as he deals with some of those issues, including when first his mother and then his father come to visit, and he returns to see them and his six siblings in Israel.

It reveals a complex portrait and a rather sad one, of a man who seems to feel rather dislocated from everything he grew up and has created his own family in London, but still feels like something is missing in his life.

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Indeed, the relationship with his father is rather fascinating, largely because his dad is one of those people who often talks more like he’s given a lecture or sermon than having a conversation, and what he has to say about family, responsibility and what’s important in life often appears to actively – but perhaps unwittingly – try and shut Saar out.

As well as following Saar himself, filmmakers Barak Heymann and Tomer Heymann get a surprising amount of access to his family while he’s not around.

It’s almost surprising they agreed, as they must have known there was a decent chance they wouldn’t come off in a particularly positive light, especially when they’re talking about Saar’s irresponsibility and being pretty unsympathetic to his situation, which just ends up highlighting Saar’s seemingly unfair isolation.

We are pleased to support the development of a culturally diverse community, interested in the arts, willing to support each other to participate and develop the centre and programme.

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