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The next stage in its development is to create the sensor suite before ensuring a seamless integration with the combat management system on the parent ship The technology, which is designed to be fitted to Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and will have a complex array of sensors - including a navigation radar, 360 degree panoramic infrared camera and laser range finder - will offer operators a detailed picture of its surroundings within a significant range of the vessel.Les Gregory, Product and Training Services Director at BAE Systems, said: 'This technology delivers an extremely robust and fast-moving unmanned boat that is able to perform a number of surveillance and reconnaissance roles, even when operating at high speed or in choppy water.Earlier this year, a rundown Toorak house sold for less than what the vendors had paid for it after Stonnington Council slapped a heritage overlay on the house.

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The iconic estate at 16 St Georges Road was, to the dismay of local residents, torn down by the buyer after she paid $18.5 million in 2013.

But heritage protection can adversely impact a property’s value, particularly when buyers are only interested in the land.

'I wanted the Land Speed Cruiser to provide the confidence you need, as a driver, to keep pushing even when the world around you becomes a high speed blur,' he said.

'We made some setup adjustments, and it not only accelerates and shifts more smoothly, but it also has enhanced stability.' It took driver Carl Edwards just two attempts to break the SUV land speed record.

The UK Government is expected to confirm a grant of £60million for Reaction Engines for Sabre's development towards a test engine and to investigate how it could be used to transport satellites and people into space.

Empty: BAE Systems has been working closely with ASV to integrate the technology and prove the concept through the demonstrator.

Fairfax Media has chosen not to publish the property’s address amid ongoing discussions about its future sale.

The Stonnington Council letter, dated earlier this week, informed the vendors their property had been identified “as having significance and warranting heritage protection” because the architecture was influenced by the work of Walter Burley Griffin.

A string of high-profile mansion demolitions have made headlines recently, with pressure mounting on local councils and the state government to introduce tougher heritage regulations.

Since 2015, Stonnington Council has tried to prevent a repeat of the controversial demolition of an iconic Toorak that was bulldozed after a failed heritage protection bid.

It took former NASCAR driver Carl Edwards just two attempts to break the SUV land speed record.

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