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Him naah gi unno equal rights him a go outa road go give some dutty careless oman. The events organisers were forced to extra security in place for the show, but up to press time there were no reports of incidents.

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Productions : Brandish Records‏ Release Date : July 2017 Tracklist : 1.

Productions : Dawg House Productions Release Date : July 2017 Available on Amazon Tracklist : 1.

Beenie Man: I did my part Beenie Man, however, had no answers when asked about the reason for Bounty’s hasty exit.“Nothing nuh happen, the show nice and Bounty Killer walk off stage.

You haffi ask him that, but I finish my performance as you can see, blessings Rastafari,” an affable Beenie told the Express.

Bounty Killer's big bad threat that he would 'rush' Ishawna if she performed the most talked about song, Equal Rights at the Bikini Fish Floss stage show in Portland amounted to nothing last night.

Ishawna did not only perform Equal Rights but she also gave lessons to her audience about how they can get their boyfriends to perform oral sex on them.He asked the girls with clean mouths, and those who can kiss his children to scream.He then blamed worthless men for giving rise to the call for Equal Rights.There has been scandals involving Scatta Burrell, Joe Bagdonovich, Toya’s death, and aliens.This time the scandal features legendary Dancehall artist Bounty Killer, who is currently instagram warring with Ishawna’s ex-boo Foota Hype who claims that Bounty Killer slept with Ishawna when he and her were still dating. Productions : VP Music Group, Inc Release Date : May 2017 Available on Amazon Tracklist : 1.


  1. The school also reported her alleged behavior to an ethics division of the Arkansas Department of Education. The statement said revealing photos of Goline were also found on a student's phone."Throughout the process of dealing with Ms.

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  4. He doesn't know where to draw the line with those kind of jokes and it makes me so mad. My best friend always teases me about this, saying that he likes me. I hate that he keeps staring at me in class, making me feel shy. Saying irrelevant stuff that I don't need to know, just to make me laugh. I hate that he listens to her and started ignoring me. I hate that he tried to avoid me so that I will hate him.

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