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Progress on these lines is the logical result of the broader market for Australia's staple exports. The Gold Rushes of 1851-1860 BOOK TWO COLONIAL PARTICULARISM XII. Agricultural Settlement in the Southern Colonies XIV. Possibly the officials of a colony that was primarily a prison cared no more than the aborigines to know what lay beyond the ranges. Taylor's article on "Economic Geography" in the Australian Encyclopaedia, vol. The intruders found a forest-clad country—unkempt, uncanny and unknown.

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Three times in the last fifty years, however, Australians of the rank and file have had the chance to verify what "the papers" told them of the changing world. Dalley sent the New South Wales contingent to Suakim, colonials on active service were scarcely taken seriously: John Bull could thrash the dervishes easily enough.

On active service along Australia's lines of communication with Britain, they have felt the heave of big events. But fighting the Boers on the veldt was another business; and Australians came home from it to their federated Commonwealth aware that strong nations were coveting the resources of lands under the British flag.

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On her fertile but limited coastal fringes live six or seven million people—about as many as inhabit Thibet.

Their resources are too scanty to be the basis, as those of the United States are, of a Continental civilization, rivalling in economic power, by virtue of internal freedom of enterprise, all the rest of the world.

India, China and Japan are well started on the road to industrialism. Ages earlier, larger streams had carved out the deep valleys drowned under Port Jackson.

In a review of "The Food Supply and Resources of China", read during a recent Pacific Science Congress in Java, a Chinese economist, Shih Tsin Tung, concluded that industrialization and rising standards of living in China would force an increasing percentage of her 492 millions to rely on imported cereals. His countrymen, already consumers of 235 million "tan", or about 920 million bushels, of wheat, would therefore find it imperative to change their food habits. Back to Colonizing BOOK THREE THE COMMONWEALTH XXI. The headwaters of those streams had been captured in some great earth change by the Nepean-Hawkesbury river-system.

She is already finding lucrative and growing markets for her wheat in Mediterranean, Indian and Asiatic ports. The best of these, however, were liable to sudden devastation by the flood-waters which the Nepean-Hawkesbury system hurled seaward along one narrow valley.

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