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We had some nasty weather up here the past few days with rain, wind and temps more suited for March or early April, but it looks like we've made it through that spell and our two new residents don't seem to have suffered much wear.

Mom was spotted protecting them - which considering our past experiences - is a great sign!

Many of you have speculated about the cause of the food stress and as was the case with the female's issue last year, your guess is as good as our and the experts.

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Just a reminder that often the birds are in the area but out of view of the cam.

Right now, in fact, one is sitting on the perch above the nest and another is sitting on the radio tower a few hundred yards away.

Many cam watchers might not know that there is a forum dedicated to the Woods Hole Osprey Cam at This is not an endorsement for this site over any other and we do not participate but many of our more dedicated and knowledgable watchers are members and it's a great place to go for basic questions and answers that we may be able to answer, either right away or at all.

Just a quick update on the goings on in our nest...

It landed in some dense overgrowth (not the ground) and was sitting quietly atop the bushes when found, alert and clear-eyed. It was transported to Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass.

in a sheet-covered carrier and after initial frantic movements, settled down during a ride made longer by inevitable Cape Cod traffic.

There's no doubt that the nest is a little food stressed as many of you have pointed out in emails about observations.

Both the female and the male have been bringing in some fish, but certainly not the amount that would be hoped for and it's creating some issues for them all.

There are several osprey nests in the immediate vicinity of this one and lots of hovering over local bays and salt ponds, so hopefully we'll see an increase in the fish deliveries.

A few reminders about the nest and cam based on emails received recently: Just a few observations as we head into the heart of summer up here on Cape Cod....

We did the best we could to keep you informed while also rescuing and transporting, so apologies if answers to emails and questions didn't come as fast as you would have liked.


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