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A horse is seen on the loose in Perth's suburban streets and heading towards a main road.

A suspicious package causes a street to be closed and a school placed in lock-down.

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Mr Dworcan said the woman was alone in the house and woke after an intruder, who she said was wearing a stocking over his head and wielding a knife, shone a torch into her bedroom.

He said Mr Eravelly pushed the woman onto her stomach, blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back before raping her on the bed.

The story of Ari (Alex Dimitriades), a young Greek man in Melbourne, in conflict with his background, his sexuality, unable to come to terms with his future, and unable to express the turmoil within his passionate heart, or his individual head.

His only mode of self expression is in excess: excess in sex, in drugs, in anti-social and anti-authority behaviour, rejecting his parents but also rejecting his need of them.

Water police take no chances after a reported shark sighting.

A 20-year-old driver is devastated after an elderly woman is badly injured in a car smash.

A night out dancing spins a drunk driver into the arms of the police when she forgets to switch her headlights on.

A positive DNA match brings a sex attacker face to face with the crimes of his past.

Mr Eravelly's defence lawyer Tom Percy said his client denied allegations he'd never met the woman, saying the pair had struck up a consensual sexual relationship after meeting at a bar in Leederville.

Mr Percy said his client was invited to the house and tied the woman up as a way to "excite him"."This was simply part of the sex play on the night," he said.

Mr Percy said Mr Eravelly had asked the woman for money and when she refused, he "blackmailed" her by threatening to tell her partner about their relationship.

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