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Shortly after midnight, another CCTV camera picks up the girl stumbling down Mint Street being followed by suspect number two, who is a different, bearded male, on a racing bicycle.

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Staff reviewed the footage to find a man captured placing the device, according to court records. RELATED: Charge: Girl molested by neighbor 'didn't want him to be mad' The hotel used surveillance and key card information to identify the man who planted the camera as Middleton.

They believe he entered the health club 11 times between Nov.

The student was trying to get home to Central London when she was attacked by the three suspects in “quick succession.”Police were able to obtain images of suspects number two and three from CCTV footage, but the images of suspect number one were of poor quality.

Detectives believe that the last attacker was a part of a small group.

The camera then shows suspect number two leaving this location and walking away.

The girl, whose clothing appears dishevelled, emerges shortly afterwards and goes further down Corfield Street.

The pair are then seen appearing to go into a doorway on the same road, after which the man is not seen again on camera, but items of the top half of the girl's clothing were subsequently found by the location.

Suspect number one is described as wearing dark clothing, but the CCTV image of his appearance was too poor to release to the public.

“If we can get teenage girls thinking by introducing the topic in a fun way, then they will find out what this campaign is really all about: saving the lives of others with gynaecological cancers.”Chloe in fact is one of the co-founders of the initiative after having experienced pre-cancerous cervical cells."My sister Chloe was really lucky that she was studying medicine and was therefore well informed catching her cervical pre-cancer cells early,” Poppy said.


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