Cats dating youtube

Someone mentioned their cat sleeping in the moses basket when it was empty - that just about turned my stomach What about the hygiene side of things?

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Hi I had 2 kittens when our LO came along, we didn't have one of the cat nets and didn't find that the cats ever went near him!

They were more scared of him if anything and seemed to run away when he moved What we did was when we were awake we just tell the cat to **** off, with a gentle chuck in the right direction if necessary.

There are just far too many issues and too many extra risks and things to think about that it's not worth it.

My baby comes first and I wasn't willing to spend time dealing with a cat that I could spend with him.

She has slept in the cot a few times but doesn't even try this any more.

DS sleeps with the door shut, so she can't get near him when he is in the cot. DS doesn' t poke Hazel's eyes out and Hazel doesn't flay DS.

I don't have a cat, but my mum always has and I've grown up with cats around. I would make sure the cat was shut out of anywhere the baby was sleeping, unless it's a daytime nap and I was awake in the same room.

I wouldn't want to leave them alone together i have a cat and we have the moses basket up in our room now ready he goes under it but has never atempted to get in it hes more used to sleeping on my daughters top bunk as long as you never leave the cats alone with baby sleeping i don't think you will have a problem ive always had cats and when all my kids have been babys ive never had a problem with them trying to get in with them Hi, When my LO was a baby the cat wouldn't go near him-I had got a cat net but never had to use it.

I can't remember how much I paid but it was under 10. I bought a cat net but it is still in it's packaging nad dd is now 2 1/2 just never seemed to need it.


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