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At the corresponding stage of last year's tournament, Mark Allen and Mark Selby faced each other in an epic encounter, with the former eventually emerging triumphant by a score of 6-5.With analysis by Stephen Hendry, Neal Foulds and Alan Mc Manus, and commentary from Clive Everton and Phil Yates Fry falls in love with a virtual robot modelled on actress Lucy Liu that he downloads from the internet.

Back on the mainland, Gino goes in search of a unique little ingredient that packs a punch in the culinary world and creates two show-stopping dishes along the way (subtitles) Mr Burns sends Homer to train new workers in India, where he is worshipped and granted control of the plant.

Meanwhile, Patty and Selma kidnap Mc Gyver star Richard Dean Anderson - who provides his own voice - from a Stargate SG-1 convention to teach him a lesson (subtitles) (repeat)A two-year-old Bengal cat is rushed in after being hit by a car, and when it turns out to have a broken back and a dislocated spine, Noel Fitzpatrick agrees to do what he can - but he makes no promises.

His worried friends try to shut down the website to rescue him, but are sidetracked when they discover her severed head at the company's office.

Featuring the guest voice of the Hollywood star (subtitles) (repeat)Ned Flanders embarks on a whirlwind romance with Mrs Krabappel after he saves the schoolteacher's life when she tried to escape a detention room at Springfield Elementary.

Meanwhile, Bart holds a `Playdude' party attended by Hollywood veteran James Caan (repeat)Lisa is teased mercilessly by her classmates for having a weight problem.

Marge learns school bully Nelson Muntz has never had a paternal role model and invites him to live with the family - much to Bart's dismay (repeat)Bradley Walsh presents as contestants Kenny, Sinead, Alison and Gifton pit their wits against ruthless quiz genius the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds.However, things start to unravel when she reveals how many men she has slept with - a list that includes Homer and Aerosmith drummer Joey Krammer (repeat)Homer develops a knack for cooking and challenges Marge to a baking contest.Determined to win at any cost, she resorts to cheating in a bid to avoid humiliation.With clips of everything from giddy grandmas and crazy animals to practical jokes and painful-looking accidents, who will be on the funnyman's hit list as he fires potshots at popular culture?(subtitles) (repeat)Charlie has doubts about his feelings for Chelsea when he learns Mia has arrived back in town and Alan tries to write a screenplay.The presenter concludes his journey at the Mediterranean port of Marseilles, where he joins a pilot boat as it leads a supertanker to its berth (subtitles) (repeat)Lucy visits St Petersburg to chart the extraordinary reign of Catherine the Great, whose meteoric rise saw her seize the Russian throne in 1762 and become the most powerful woman in the world, expanding her empire through military victories overseas.


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