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So, since he established the fact that he "first met Nikki in a hotel lobby," I'm assuming that she had regularly been masturbated to, possibly using devices as well.I don't know, it just sounds like a song about masturbation in general, possibly even taking into consideration how women tend to do it. what if it was about Nikki Sixx, but not at all sexual? What if it was just about going over to Nikki's house to jam?

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It had never occurred to me to wonder about it before. I was in the fourth grade when this album came out.

I remember buying the record with money I won in a drawing to reward those of us who sold X amount of candy bars in a school fundraiser.

In one of the documentaries Wendy and Lisa are talking about the song and one of them whispers to the other "I think he was singing about..." but they don't let you hear who it is.

It could have been done for show, to raise suspicions about it but it actually did make me curious.

Tom Jones' 'Kiss' put Sir Tom back on stage, and the list is endless..

Let's not forget that the way he writes is what we all use in chat-lingo, using numbers instead of letters to abbreviate the words. I very rarely write lyrics that could be called "explicit," and I'll never have a hit song or record deal anyway, so it doesn't matter, but if I ever do, I will never authorize 'edited versions' of my songs and I will never buy a CD at Wal Mart.

And maybe that's why, on the DVD, Wendy and Lisa's reference to who the song was about was inaudible. His first album contained the sexy "Soft and Wet" and the line "I wanna be the only one you come for" in "I Wanna be Your Lover"...

his third studio album "Dirty Mind" is quite possibly the most sexually explicit mainstream album ever made... It was his first album that was touched by only his hands...

i heard the song is about selling his soul to the devil.

and if you think about it he talks about darling "nikki", nikki being name associated w/the devil.

And it just happened to sound sexual, partly because of the masturbating, and partly because Prince could write a song about fence posts and it would have sounded sexual. what if this isn't about a girl at all, but about Nikki Sixx?


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