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The tasks can start off being relatively harmless, for example watching horror movies for long hours or waking up at unusual times, but gradually become more extreme, often ending up with participants being asked to kill themselves.

Groups linked to ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game found on Chinese messaging site The game is believed to have originated in Russia and has been linked to many teen deaths globally.

China’s largest social media and online game operator, Tencent, has confirmed there are people organising and participating in the game via its platform, and has promised to crack down. Local media in Anhui, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces have reported suspected cases of people playing the game, while Beijing’s municipal authorities have deleted some 1,300 social media posts relating to Blue Whale.

Authorities in at least 15 provinces across China have used their social media accounts to urge teenagers to stay away from the game and to ask parents to be aware of it.

He told the police that he had uploaded photos and information about the game to the group, but that a comment he posted offering congratulations to 11 players on completing Blue Whale tasks was false and just an attempt to gain attention.

The Blue Whale game, which has attracted the attention of authorities worldwide, involves “administrators” setting “challengers” a series of tasks to be completed in a certain time.

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