ming dao and chen qiao en dating - Christian argument against carbon dating

When you make up your own rules, you can always win the game—and no one is better at making up rules than Ken Ham.In the course of constructing his now-crumbling creationist empire, Ham has created an alternate reality in which humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction a few thousand years ago after peacefully using them for transport and companionship.What substantive issue could the two possibly debate?

There’s not much to debate about these views: One is fact, based on empirical scientific evidence; the other is fiction, based on biblically inspired fantasy.

Nye is an earnest educator; Ham is an exploitative fabulist.

Unsurprisingly, the bonds aren’t selling nearly fast enough, and the project faces default as soon as this Thursday.

Given that the rest of Ham’s creationist conglomerate is already flailing, such a collapse might signal the beginning of the end for Answers in Genesis.

Nye, “the science guy,” plays by the rules of the scientific method and accepts the fundamental principle of biology: evolution by natural selection.

Ham fabricates elaborate tales about Adam and Eve coexisting with vegetarian ceratosauruses in the Garden of Eden.Nye has the burden of being tethered to facts; Ham has the luxury to create his own fiction.And that’s why, despite presenting an overwhelmingly more cogent case for evolution than Ham did for creationism, Nye walked away from the debate the clear loser.According to his opening remarks, science is actually composed of historical science and observational science.The only apparent distinction between the two categories?And there was a lot of blind faith on display at the Creation Museum on Tuesday night.


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