catholic dating and sex - Christian safe dating aiment

Third, there’s increased press around online dating scams, such as the lady on Christian Mingle in the United States getting scammed out of 0,000 from a man in Nigeria.

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Next, if the file is unquestionably fake it should be deleted; however, if you're not quite sure, freeze the profile and ask the member to send you a copy of their driver's license to ensure their legitimacy.

Very few spammers will go through the trouble of sending in a fake license.

Some say dating sites are 100% responsible and should ensure all members on their site are legit and authentic to protect the welfare of their members.

Others say members are 100% responsible because they should take precautions when meeting someone online so it is up to them.

For site owners, they need to realize they have a certain level of responsibility for the legitimacy of the profiles on their site because members come there in good faith by trusting their brand.

Therefore, to claim it is entirely up to its members to be safe is negligence on their part because it absolves them of taking any rightful ownership.

In reality, both are responsible for doing their part for safe dating online.

For site members, they must remember that meeting someone online always involves a certain level of risk.

However, if both are doing their part consistently, the overall risk will drop dramatically.

I know this is late in coming, but when doing a CBI, you may have to do it out of state or go to a higher level of checking like FBI CBI . I do agree that there needs to be a level of discernment and wisdom when involved in online dating, however, there are those believers who are desperate and with that desperation, it is not uncommon to not use common sense and become too pushy, assertive or even aggressive when looking for their besherth.

Therefore, no matter what dating site one is using, they should follow the tips for online dating safety below to protect themselves.

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