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The deal is that you spend an evening with like-minded singles and rotate through 20 3 minute 'dates' and take notes on each person you meet as you move from person to person. Everything is truly G-d, so what we take for the world is merely illusion.

At the end of the evening, you mark down which of the people you talked to you would like to see again. I am surprised, I didn't know that this was a Jewish way of thinking.

It's both of our first dates, so we're a bit nervous, but the conversation goes smoothly. I made the mistake of mentioning I am a vegetarian. She recently moved to Seattle and was trying to meet people. She lived in Queen Anne, wished she had a cat but couldn't keep one. Tanya #9 Alright, so here's something to know about me. No matter what she said, this was going to be a No. Alison #11 No two ways about it, Alison #11 was a hottie.

In consultation with friends beforehand, I had established that my ice breaker question would be "So, what do you do for fun? " "Oh, everything from rap to Kenny Rogers." I'm a bit put off by both extremes, but appreciate a woman who isn't stuck in a small space. Ruby declared, with quite a bit of relish, that she had had a big steak for dinner that night. We exchanged quick stories about our worst speed date of the evening so far. Sam #6 Petite, even dwarfish, Sam #6 liked all manner of outdoor sport, hiking, biking, camping, etc. We chatted about books (she jotted down my recommendation of Guns, Germs and Steel, but we both agreed we preferred fiction to non-fiction. A moussed out, tarted up, baby doll hottie, but a hottie, nonetheless.

They said that they were doing a bit of female bonding, I apologized and offered to leave, but I think they were glad to have an actual man at the table. Across from me is....obviously didn't make an impression, 'nuf said on that score. As the evening wears on, I come to believe they should also prohibit "So where are you from? After the break, we're back for the final three rounds. I considered asking Techiya if I could exchange numbers with someone I WASN'T interested in dating, but who would make a good friend. Jude catches me on the way out, we commiserate about our final three rounds.

The last round we shift up 3, otherwise we would be back where we started. Ruby #10 Clean blond curls, cheery face, white teeth, she's a party girl. I think I like Ruby, in a one night stand kind of way. On my way back, Jessica #3 intercepted me and we chatted briefly, pressed for time, knowing we would soon be speed dating again, and would not hit the same table. Otherwise an attractive woman, Tanya towered over me. Chaim tells me he will send me e-mail, he invites everyone to shabbat.

" I figured it would give people an opportunity to talk about themselves (everybody's favorite subject) and would hopefully be something they care about. I say that while I don't have quite the range of taste she does, I like to dance as well (although I don't mention that most of my dancing was done at Dead shows) and mention a few of the clubs I go to. Each table has a laminated sheet of paper on it with about 20 questions. I tried reassuring her that I didn't mind, that I wasn't religious about it, but I think some meat eaters see their love of meat as a masculine-power thing. How could it get erect without the meat and blood of a juicy steak running through my veins? I kept staring at her unnaturally small hands, hoping this wasn't as big a faux pas as the one Jason #2 had committed. She was new to Seattle, recently moved from Wisconsin..Minneapolis..Kansas. She had never been camping, but really wanted to try some time, if it were under the right circumstances [read: a place to plug in my hair dryer], she didn't read much, but liked to watch TV.

She says she knows the bartender at a couple of them, and, while she won't tell me what she does (following the rules), she does mention that she used to be a bartender and likes to drink at bars where she knows the bartender. There are three basic reactions I get when I tell people I'm a vegetarian. The apologizers explain that they really don't eat much meat and wish they could be vegetarian, but they just can't give up something (shrimp is a frequent one, as is the ubiquitous hamburger). Damn, Ruby #10 should have given me her yellow card and taken my blue one. From the moment I sat down, I knew where it was going (or not going), so I was more or less killing seven minutes.

This way we get a fuller picture of who you are, and can take into consideration what you need and desire in a partner.

You can also search through additional profiles using our 'Have you met...' feature.

Commiserating on moving to a town when you don't know anybody, I tell her the story about how I moved to DC and didn't know a soul. I excuse myself from Sam, explaining that we will shortly have seven minutes to talk, but that now we had best both make the most productive use of our time and talk to people we will not have the opportunity to speed date.


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