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You can configure that setting in Chrome 57 as follows.

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No Plugin might not be entirely effective if you’re using an outdated Chrome browser that doesn’t fully support HTML5.

Furthermore, updating Chrome can also fix Flash plug-in issues.

IE Tab is an extension that emulates the Internet Explorer layout engine in Chrome, which enables the Silverlight, Java and Active X plug-ins in Google’s browser.

As such, adding this extension to Chrome can fix Java, Silverlight and Active X multimedia content on pages.

Most websites are embracing HTML5, but there are still plenty of websites with multimedia content that need specific plug-ins.

Older sites that aren’t HTML5 compatible will probably have videos on them that display the plug-in not supported error message.

Then open a media player to play the website’s video or audio.

Check out this Windows Report post for further No Plugin details.

No Plugin is a Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox extension that enables you to play multimedia content without the required plug-ins.

The extension enhances browsers’ compatibility with outdated websites that include plug-in content.

So check that the Allow sites to run Flash setting is switched on in Chrome.


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