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Botox can also treat excessive sweating of the hands, feet, face, and scalp, however this is an off label indication.

Most specialists will advise against using Botox for the hands, as muscle weakness can be a side effect.

For instance, perspiration often feels worse than it looks.

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Botox can be combined with antiperspirants, tablets and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for optimal results.

Botox is a safe and effective method to treat certain types of excessive sweating.

In many cases a team approach is the best solution, combining medical treatments by specialists, as well as behavioural methods by psychologists.

Antiperspirants remain as the first step in treating excessive sweating.

They work by blocking the chemicals that activate sweat glands.

The most effective family of drugs are called ‘anticholinergics’.

CBT would also involve getting the sufferer to confront the situations where they fear sweating.

If the person’s anxiety about excessive perspiration decreases so will the sweating.

One treatment lasts 6 months on average, and apart from mild stinging during the procedure, it is free of side effects.

The treatment is successful in over 95% of cases and takes only a few minutes to perform.

Antiperspirants work best for mild forms of excessive sweating, however can be used in combination with Botox, Iontophoresis and other remedies to reduce sweating.


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