College graduate dating

Their children also hit the ground running on the social mobility ladder.

When both parents are college graduates, they are more likely to read to their kids and advocate for them in schools.

Like with other apps, singles also choose geographic and age constraints.

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The “Ivy Plus” schools (the eight Ivies and Duke, M. T., the University of Chicago, and Stanford) are among the worst offenders. I was listening to a podcast about Bumble on my way home from work when I made the connection.

In my circle, Bumble is the most popular dating app.

Well educated, wealthy parents can also make career connections for their children and help them get into selective schools.

An illuminating New York Times study this year found roughly one in four of the richest college students in America attend an elite college.

Thanks to the League, well-educated bliss is only a swipe away.

The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft Biz Spark.

“Why meet people on Tinder when there’s all these guys in real life? Dating apps eliminate much of the gray area; you simply swipe right if you find the other person attractive. In addition to being superficial and provably racist, I argue they may also contribute to income inequality. By allowing users to tailor their preferences, these apps capitalize upon “assortative mating,” which has been linked to growing wealth disparities in this country.

For our purposes, “assortative mating” refers to people choosing to marry people like themselves.

My girlfriends maintain the guys are cuter, the conversations less creepy, the whole thing more “date-y” than Tinder.

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