Computer updating

Microsoft is not forcing automatic upgrades, but they did recently change the Windows 10 upgrade from an “optional upgrade” to a “recommended upgrade,” which is why some people are claiming an automatic upgrade.

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But this method is only recommended if you are quiet comfortable with removing the tiny screws of your laptop and then fixing them back again as they were.

For that you would require a mini screwdriver set specifically and specially made for laptops and the like which you can purchase in the market.

It sounds good to do all the usual things but whatever update 3 was, it would nor repair, allow safe mode boot or start anything in a normal mode.

There is an unknown error and it seems Microsoft is the last to respond, as usual.

There are lots of things that need to be addressed after the initial install, including making sure all your drivers are updated, especially for things like video cards, networking cards and printers.

Microsoft will also remove programs they believe would cause problems, such as third-party utilities or really old software programs.

Windows 7: • To check this setting in Windows 7, go to the Windows Update utility in the Control Panel, or search for it from the Start button.

• In the left panel, click on Change Settings and remove the check mark from “Give me recommended updates that same way I receive important updates.” Windows 8.1: • In Windows 8.1, go to Settings, then Change PC settings and click on the ‘Update and recovery’ option and follow the ‘Choose how updates get installed’ link.

Microsoft continues to tout impressive statistics, such as, “It’s the fastest growing operating system ever” or, “It’s now installed on over 200 million systems,” but the reality is that most of you are still running Windows 7.

The most recent Net Market Share data still shows Windows 7 with over 50 percent of the market share with Windows 10 now taking second place with just under 12 percent in worldwide market share: • Windows 7 – 52.47 percent • Windows 10 – 11.85 percent • Windows XP – 11.42 percent • Windows 8.1 – 10.40 percent • Mac OS X 10.11 – 3.44 percent If you’re still running Windows 7 or 8.1 and have no interest in upgrading to Windows 10, it’s important to understand why the rumors of a “forced upgrade” are going around.

Despite the horror stories that are common online or in social media, the Windows 10 upgrade process goes relatively smoothly, in most cases.


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