Consolidating emails to one gmail account

Instead of shying away from the Gmail Web interface to use desktop apps for email, why not just sync all of your email, including from non-Gmail addresses, into one Gmail account? It’s actually not that hard to do if you follow the instructions closely.The best part is that once you’ve set it up, this takes no management and will run itself.

This is a great way to manage multiple email addresses by using a single interface, but it’s worth noting that you’re using POP3 access to get to your emails.

This means there will be some delay in their arrival in your main inbox.

Next, when you receive a new email it will be addressed to your consolidated account, and you can reply to it from that one.

In other words, you just eliminated the need to log in to your other account ever again.

This way when someone sends an email to one of your consolidated accounts you’ll see it in your main account, no additional logins required.

To do this you use the POP3 system of receiving email.

Basically this means that all messages will come to your main account and will not appear in your old account any longer, even though your old account still exists.

You must make sure you have POP3 email turned on for the consolidated account.

Google released a new feature for Gmail this week called Gmail Delegation that lets you merge multiple accounts together.

While Google's pitch is that it allows busy executives to share their inbox with assistants, it's actually a perfect feature for people with more than one Gmail account.

Today it’s more common to have two, three, even 10 email addresses that you use on a regular basis.


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