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First, a lot of people are unaware that they can apply to refinance federal student loans through a number of private lenders right now – no legislation required.Second, this is a good discussion to be having, and borrowers – particularly those with grad school or professional school debt issued prior to 2013 – should be paying attention. Because when you look at federal student loan interest rates between 20, this population got the short end of the stick.Consider this: if you took out a home loan in 2006, you could have applied to refinance that loan in 2012 at about half the original interest rate.

After 180 days, you will need to apply for a new Direct Consolidation Loan.

Request to Add a Loan to an Existing Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Mail your completed form to: Navient - Department of Education Loan Servicing Attn: Loan Consolidations Originations P. Box 6180 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6180 The interest rate is calculated by the weighted average of the interest rates of the loans consolidated, rounded up to the nearest 0.125 percent.

Refinancing at a modest 6% would save them about $12,000. Prospective refinancers should first take note – federal student loans offer some benefits and protections that don’t transfer to private lenders, including loan deferment and forbearance (although some private lenders do offer the latter), potential loan forgiveness for public servants and teachers, and graduated, extended and income-driven repayment plans (such as Pay As You Earn, or PAYE).

Before refinancing federal loans, you should check to see if any of these features apply to your situation.

Learn more about Direct Consolidation Loans on the Federal Student Aid site Apply now at Student Private student loans are NOT eligible for consolidation into a Direct Consolidation Loan.

You may also add eligible loans to your existing Direct Consolidation Loan using the form below – if you are within 180 days of the date we paid off the first loans you are consolidating.

To lower your monthly payment and simplify loan repayment, consider a Traditional Direct Consolidation Loan.

Based on the amount of federal student loans you combine, you may be eligible for up to 30 years to repay your student loans.

Depending upon the total balance you are consolidating, you may extend the repayment period for up to 30 years with consolidation.

The extended period makes the monthly payment amount more manageable; however, the longer your loans are in repayment, the more interest you will pay over the life of the loan.

If they’re able to refinance, the savings can be significant.


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