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It was the first trolley car in Oakland to operate using electricity, a fact that generated headlines in the evening papers, say the files.

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Guided tours for groups starting every hour on the hour.

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The latest renewal of the castle and the palace was completed at 1984.

A permanent exhibition was opened in June 2004 about Bishop Vilmos Apor, who was shot dead by Russian soldiers in the cellar under the castle in 1945.

Parklets are designed to be publicly accessible for the enjoyment of all, and are privately constructed and maintained. The city maintains a website that explains how to apply for parklets, along with information on code compliance and other requirements.

The idea is to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment through the use of a platform extending into the street, built to match the grade of the sidewalk, with seating provided by benches or chairs. Staff looks at criteria relating to a potential parklet’s location and whether or not community support is evident.

However it went back to Hungarian hands four years later, on 28th March 1598.

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