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I always mentioned to my roommates do not care, but if I would make hear some noise, I would open the curtain and ask to stop. Once one of my cabin mates organized an “operation” for each one of us slept in other cabins so he uses ours to celebrate his girlfriend anniversary.

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According to a Colombian guy, a "Ecuadorian whore ugly" charges E$ 30.00 (euros) in Barcelona, against around R$ 30, 00 (Reais) for a much more interesting Brazilian women. Jamaicans guys sell for the crew a black stone on the size of a pill promising: hours of erection for those who follow the instructions given for them on a piece of paper.

Imagine how funny is for me hear lots of foreigners talking about places like ABC House (Santos) and Scandinavia (in Rio de Janeiro) (some Brazilian whorehouse). There is another legend that some girls offer their services for the crew in exchange for a few euros, dollars or pounds.

I passed across a $20 bill and he returned my change ($8) with an origami fold and a wink so brazen it nearly deserved a tip.

Then a buzzer sounded: the security latch released, and I pushed through a turnstile into the fusty darkness of the Bijou Film Forum.

The Tool Box - Tool Box1742 Second Avenue, Manhattan/Upper East Side Cruise and video bar with sexy videos, sports and music video screens.

Discover the space for cruising (named the Tea Room), or just drink at the bar and chill out at the lounge within which to chill out.

As I moved through the darkness, men circled me like lions around a jittery gazelle, and I lept from space to space, eluding eye contact, which works as a kind of consent here: “Yes, take me now.” According to photographer Stephen Barker, who documented New York sex clubs during the early ’90s, the Bijou opened around that time.

I first became intrigued by New York’s gay porn theaters after visiting the museum-like Bowery loft of artist and DJ Scott Ewalt.

There is a legend on board of a "place" (better not mention) that says they relate well each other sexually. Prejudice does not scroll, because the person can be sent away for it. Some Eastern European girls mentioned that homosexuality in some of these countries is still a taboo.


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