Cybersex chat for 30 something

Making contact with a minor online can be the basis for accosting and/or solicitation of minor charges.

Cybersex chat for 30 something-8

Hopefully, nothing will come of this and you can simply move on.

Couldn't this just be some weird dude in his basement lying about who he is?

My fiance was charged in the past with: Procure For Prostitute Solicit Another For Lewdness Assignt 2nd Off".

Now, she wants to file petition for me but I am afraid that could be an issue and wanted to check..

Thus, as long as you think it's a minor child and you solicit that person for sex, it is illegal.

It's just like the Dateline NBC show "To Catch a Predator". Instead, there are federal agents posing as minors and they catch these people online looking for minors, hook them into coming to a location given in the chat and they've got them for solicitation.However, it doesn't matter who is on the other end of the chat.The law requires that you have the mens rea (guilty mind/criminal intent) to commit the crime. Since our daughter was born 14 months ago, our sexual and emotional intimacy has declined.This week I found out that my husband's having cybersex with other women.I don’t have any criminal history or anything that would even make me a threat to anyone.


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