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So, the video out of Baltimore of the mama smacking her son around when she found him rabble-rousing with violent protesters reminded me of just how sick I am of parents condoning violence. But the way she went about it — pushing, shoving, hitting, and slapping her son in the face — left me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

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There are still a great number of parents who think it is okay to spank their children, despite all the evidence otherwise.

Considering all the research saying spanking creates more bad behavior and negatively affects brain development, is there ever an appropriate time for spanking?

For Grammy award-winning musician and humanitarian, Ziggy Marley, the oldest son of Bob Marley, there were revealing moments in the film about things that he hadn’t heard or seen before that he found very moving. Were there any mysteries that were unlocked about your dad during the process of making this movie or things you discovered that you didn’t know about him? Then, he went to Germany, and we never knew anything from there until he came back to Miami which is when we saw him. I get that from him that music is a spiritual thing. I learned that from him, that music is from God and the message is from God. I refer to him as Bob now because he’s Bob now to me. We still have a relationship with our father spiritually in that invisible world that we have. I think the song that I heard soon after that was “We’ll be forever loving Jah,” that song reminds me of that time then and what he was singing. I was on my elementary school team and they had a “parents versus students” game.

While a lot of concert films and biographies have been done on his father’s life as a reggae legend and one of the most iconic musicians of the 20 we sat down with Ziggy and his brother, Robbie, to talk about the enduring nature of their father’s fame and the undying messages that go beyond his music and make Bob Marley a cultural force that’s still to be reckoned with more than 30 years after his passing. ZM: For me, a couple of points – the race issue, the color of his skin being an issue, and the time he spent in Germany. I saw him in New York before he went to Germany, but that whole German period, we didn’t know what was going on. For a lot of people who may know the music, the film will be an introduction to the man, not the icon. We believe in the almighty and we believe in God and that music is from God and we’re inspired by God to give messages and ideas to people. Each of his children that were featured in the movie called him by different things. Our relationship continues still and we reach a point in our relationship where it’s cool for me to say Bob. I would probably do something with Bob on an album. It’s sad when I listen to it now because it’s kind of melancholy.

But I don’t really pay much attention to that because I’m just expressing myself. What are you both most proud of when it comes to your father? I think I’m proud of the legacy he left I think is what it is. People are loving us because they don’t even know us. We love you.” So I think that’s a good thing for a father to leave so much that people are loving their children.

Could you tell us about an intimate, one on one moment you had with him that is most precious to you? Ziggy, what are you most proud of about your father and can you tell us about a personal moment you had with him that’s very special to you? I feel a little bit like a drill sergeant sometimes.Some elements of my personality, as a parent, I'm not real crazy about." Chip is particularly strict about video games and TV time, while Joanna is the more laid-back one. We have televisions, but they're not hooked up to anything but movies.His ups and downs, from his race being an issue to his illness to his assassination attempt to all the women he’s had and everything. Ziggy, in your music career, how do you deal with being compared to your father? “You’re just like him.” Some guys that know me from when I was a kid say “My son, oh he’s just like you.” It’s just a natural part of our lives. I can feel similarities within us from the artistic perspective from being a musician. From an artistic standpoint, everyone is talking about the Coachella Concert that just happened with Tupac. We just want people to be given some perspective on the music and give them some sort of emotional connection to Bob. But, within the music industry and within the industry of the critiques of music, where it becomes “Ziggy’s music is not as good as Bob’s music,” I don’t understand. We’re just trying to be ourselves and express ourselves how we feel. Would you ever consider doing a show like that with a hologram of your dad? delivers a depth of information and insights that would have been impossible without the kind of cooperation the Marley family offered by opening up their hearts, minds and memories to Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald. And being over there and playing football, everything is there including the spanking and all that good stuff. In what ways has your father influenced you as an artist?

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