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“I am sure that if Danny was at the school now then he would have a much different experience.We have a passion for music and absolutely delight in all our students taking part in it.” Danny is hoping to share his tips for success with the young contestants on his new TV project, The Voice Kids.

Prior to that she also trained at top London talent school, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts when she was 11.

Expressing her joy at joining The Voice Kids, the three-time chart topper, now aged 25, said: ‘I can’t wait to join The Voice Kids and help discover the next big star.

Danny Jones has topped the charts and performed to sold-out arenas as part of pop-rock band Mc Fly, but things could have been very different if he had listened to the bullies who targeted him at school.

They took exception to the then 13-year-old learning to play the guitar, and their taunts almost led him to give up on his passion. I hated walking down the corridor with my guitar, people saying, ‘Oh what’s that, are you going to play us a tune?

That's what's amazing about her."The Voice Kids auditions continue next Saturday.

The duo will join talent show legend will.for The Voice Kids on ITV in the new year where they will mentor contestants aged between 7 and 14 who are fighting for an as yet undisclosed ‘life-changing grand prize.’ Pixie – who became engaged to boyfriend of seven years Oliver Cheshire last week – is well positioned to mentor the kids having been involved in the music world since she was 15.

He said: “The whole magic of family just got broken.

To break something that was so magical and was a structure and a base for you, and just to see your mum so upset, is a hard thing.” In the trailer for The Voice Kids, we see Jones reduced to tears by one contestant whose story had personal resonances for him.

’ Stupid stuff,” the Bolton singer, now 31, reveals. If I didn’t have the private lessons going on in the background I probably would have given it up completely, if it wasn’t for my mum and my family believing in me.” With his Instagram account depicting exotic travels, recording studio japes and Jones on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, the upbeat star clearly had the last laugh after he left Thornleigh Salesian College in 2002.


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