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"Lastly, let them not omit to ask the prudent advice of their parents with regard to the partner, and let them regard this advice in no light manner, in order that, by their mature knowledge and experience of human affairs, they may guard against a disastrous choice and, on the threshold of matrimony, may receive more abundantly the divine blessing of the Fourth Commandment: ‘Honor thy father and thy mother, (which is the first commandment with a promise), that it may be well with thee and thou mayest be long-lived upon the earth.’" "He/she will unleash in you the best, highest and most virtuous version of yourself," explained author and speaker Mark Hart, executive vice president of Life Teen International.Hart is also known as the "Bible Geek." He and his wife have three young children."Marriage, and dating before that, is not about finding ‘someone you can live with.’ It’s about finding someone you desire to die for daily — to die to yourself, your selfish wants and human sins — and seek to live for the other.

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The Sigmunds dated for four years and were engaged for one before marrying in 2011. When they began dating, Stu was 23 and Liz was 21; neither had seriously dated anyone before, and that’s the way they both preferred it.

They also both were discerning vocations to the religious life, with Liz being more certain that she was called to marriage, but Stu still divided between marriage and the priesthood.

Southern Californian Leslie Lenko depended on prayer and the sacraments to guide her through a tough discernment process before marrying her husband of 20 years. "I remember many times, after work, driving to a beautiful Catholic church for prayer.

I took great comfort in praying before a statue of holy Mother Mary," she said.

Also know that the devil will try to break up a good relationship; he is not happy when you are faithful to God and your significant other." And parents help their children to discern true love by modeling healthy and holy love themselves.

"Parents should be affectionate in front of their kids," Hart advised.

Dating and discernment are important and require the right intentions and approaches, based on individual personalities and holy purpose.

Gregory Popcak, who, with his wife, Lisa, authored (Ascension Press, 2012), says that age is less important than maturity when it comes to dating.

"There’s no reason to date someone you don’t really think you would marry someday," said Liz.


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  2. “There is a familiarity between us, that sense you have when you're with someone and you know you are home,” she said to Vogue UK.

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