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We are specifically reminded that Rip Hunter left the team, officially naming Sara Lance as Captain of The Waverider, that Amaya elected to stay on the team despite what recorded history says due to her love of Nate Heywood and that the team crash-landed in 2017 Los Angeles after a time-quake, at which point they discovered several buildings out of their proper place... Since then, the phrase "Crossing The Rubicon" has come to refer to "the point of no return" or any action that might be seen as risky or revolutionary with no alternatives but total defeat or complete victory possible as an outcome.

Roman law at the time prohibited any general from crossing into Roman territory at the head of an army.

Ray discovers that Gideon has been in sleep mode for five years when they steal The Waverider. Nate: (to Time Bureau agents) I didn't know Men's Warehouse gave group discounts. Sara's non-verbal reaction and hiding of her face when she sees King Arthur. (Stein sighs cynically.) Jax: Look, we have a time ship! Stein: That's what I told Clarissa the last time I left... King Arthur, last seen in 212, makes an appearance, being dragged through the Star City Time Bureau office in 2017 after having somehow made an appearance during The Spanish Civil War.

He is able to revive her by diverting her power back to the core. (Remember how she was the inspiration for Sir Lancelot? Ray: (cheerfully) And when you came home you had a surprise daughter! The Waverider has been re-purposed as a training simulator for newbie Time Agents.

Artistry The fight scenes of Sharpe and Sara working to fight the Roman Centurions is nicely shot.

Trivia Of Tomorrow The episode opens with a quick recap of the last season. The episode title is a pun on The Rubicon - a shallow river in Northern Italy, which Julius Caesar famously crossed in 49 BC.

Even if Oliver Queen or her dad couldn't get her a job on their security detail because of nepotism laws, surely they could pull some strings to get her work in a similar field!

If nothing else, you'd think Sara would be able to come up with a new identity for herself with her assassin training, particularly given how easily she's able to acquire the means of breaking into The Time Bureau.After reading Nate's history book on Rome, Caesar still moves to conquer Rome but declares the first thing he will do upon getting there is kill Brutus and Cassius - the two Senators who plotted his assassination years later. The Bottom Line Illogical and nonsensical as it is at times, this show is still just plain fun.This eventually leads to Ceasar founding a Roman Empire that lasts over 2000 years and conquers The New World. time portal generator), a communications device and a memory-eraser from Rip Hunter. The episode establishes the new status quo with only a few hiccups along the way, such as how quickly The Time Bureau is able to solve the massive cliff-hanger from the end of the last season.Why did The Time Bureau allow Amaya to stay in 2017 until she decided to return to 1942 on her own? It's highly coincidental that Sara just happened to steal a Time Bureau agent's badge for no real reason after a one night stand.Given that The Time Bureau now have the technology to open direct portals between two points in time without the need for a ship, why did they need to take King Arthur back to Camelot from The Spanish Civil War through Star City in 2017?The Time Bureau is a unique organization, new to the DCTVU. During those five years, Rip Hunter has worked to establish The Time Bureau and their more advanced time-travel technology.


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