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If this man had any type of sexual contact with you it would be a significant infraction of the law that would involve jail time and requiring him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.Evan without sexual contact there are many other factors that could land him in jail.

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Teen Health FX is guessing that your parents are not aware of this relationship and that you having been keeping a secret from them.

Your comment that your relationship “is probably frowned upon” does not properly describe the serious nature of it.

You may also want to consider confiding to your parent(s) or a family member about your relationship with this man.

It may be rough in the beginning but most likely they are going to focus on protecting you and making sure you are okay.

You sound like you are a king and caring person and deserve to be happy.

But this relationship will only cause you misery in the end.

Hi all, I was wondering if yall could help me get some answers.

If a 16 year old is dating a 19 year old could the 19 year old get in any kind of trouble?

I don’t want to end our friendship because of this. However any minor’s a parent can forbid the adult from having contact with their child.


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